Here are 10 of the best language learning websites for children. Although we are currently focusing on English and Spanish, two of the most spoken languages in today’s modern world, some of these websites offer various different languages.

These 10 of the best language learning websites for children are listed in no particular order. At Cooking With Languages, we understand that every child has a unique learning style. Simply visit the websites below and bookmark those which appeal most to your young learner …

Let’s make language learning fun!

Language Learning Websites for Children


This website divides the different lessons depending on the level you are seeking to learn. The three levels are:

  • Beginner, with basic vocabulary for those who are only just starting to learn Spanish;
  • Intermediate for those who feel a bit more confident with their level and want to improve their language skills;
  • Advanced for everyone who just need a little extra push to perfect their Spanish Skill.

Overall the website is very child-orientated and has plenty of lessons and activities from puzzles and Word search to Memory Games and songs. Young learners will definitely have a great time browsing this website for as they learn a new language.

Language Learning Websites for Children


This website was definitely created for young learners seeking to learn Spanish. It is very easy to browse which will allow the children to search it freely without getting confused on where to go next. With this BBC website they will be able to learn the basics of the languages as well as a bit of culture, so that they can start their immersion into the language to eventually speak it just like a native.

Language Learning Websites for Children


What makes this website different from the rest is the fact that it is not only teaching you a language. It teaches you Spanish as you learn from a variety of other topics which could be classified as “General Knowledge” topics. So your children will not only be learning new vocabulary and sentences but they will, at the same time, be learning about Geography, Physiology, History etc  This is a great way to learn a language without focusing directly on it.

Language Learning Websites for Children

Centro Virtual Cervantes

CVC (Centro Virtual Cervantes) is a website sponsored by LaCaixa and Instituto Cervantes. It is very child-orientated and has a very fun and interesting interface that will be easy for children to browse. It is set out as a flash game and teaches the basic vocabulary a child should know when starting to speak a new language. It is not very advanced so most children who are getting started should be able to understand what is being taught to them without a problem.

Language Learning Websites for Children

Cuentos Interactivos

Just as the title states in Spanish, this website’s purpose is to teach Spanish to children through fun and entertaining interactive tales. The children get to choose the story they like most or are most interested in. After that, the interactive tale will begin making the child have a lot of fun while learning, without them even noticing!

Language Learning Websites for Children

Angel Fire

Here is another website that is just wonderful for those who are interested in learning Spanish and are only just getting started. The web page has a nice and simple interface with different pictures and drawings that will catch children’s attention. They will definitely want to go back to learn some more Spanish as they will see it as a fun thing to do, like a game, instead of a “boring” lesson.

Language Learning Websites for Children


This web page is perfect for those children who are only getting started learning the language. In this case, it is designed for children who want to learn English, one of the most spoken and most important languages in today’s world. The site includes different types of activities as well as short stories so that young learners will get used to the most basic forms of grammar and vocabulary. EnglishClub will definitely be fun and educational for those who are interested in starting to learn English.

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Language Learning Websites for Children


As the website’s name indicates, this website is mainly focused on games in Spanish which means lots of fun moments that are educational at the same time. The children will definitely love it as there is a great variety of games, all of them in Spanish, so they not get bored of playing and learning Spanish at the same time!

Language Learning Websites for Children


This is a fantastically structured website. All the activities are categorised according to the age (and, therefore, approximate level) of the future Spanish speakers.

  • Series One was made for children who are between 4 and 7 years old.
  • Series Two for those who are over 8 years old.

This way the children are learning words and sentences according to their age, so that it is not over-complicated for them. This website has videos, games and puzzles so the children will definitely enjoy what they do while they are learning.

Language Learning Websites for Children

Cooking With Languages

Of course, we needed to include our own new website in this list. We wouldn’t be developing it if we didn’t truly believe that Arthur Apple and Nerea Naranja would become “best friends”, “mejores amigos”, with many of your young language learners. The focus of CWL is learning English and Spanish* whilst having fun in the kitchen. We are true believers in active language learning i.e.. using the target language whilst participating in a fun activity. In this case, we have chosen cooking.  Children love to cook or at least help in the kitchen. With Cooking With Languages they will love to learn languages too.

“Vamos a la cocina …”

*more languages will be available in the future.

These are only 10 of many great language learning websites for children. We plan to share many more with you. Please add any suggestions in comments below and let’s all make language learning fun together 🙂

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¡Hasta pronto amigos!

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