Introducing Arthur Apple … Hello Arthur! ¡Hola Arthur!


Say “Hello”or “Hola” to Arthur Apple.

Arthur is one of our language assistants.

He is here to help you learn English and Spanish.

He’s not your ordinary language teacher.

He’s lots of fun and he loves cooking.

Do you like cooking?

Have a listen to Arthur, speaking in English and in Spanish.

He will share his favourite recipes with you very soon …

To listen to the soundbites taken from the pages of our eBooklet that will be available on an App very soon (¡Muy pronto! 😉 )

Have a look and listen here!

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Can you guess what ingredients we need to make our scrummy fruitburgers?

Let’s go into the kitchen and find out …

Don’t forget to share your photos with us when you have made them 🙂


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We can all have fun learning languages together 😉

¡Gracias amigos!



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