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Spanish Christmas Traditions: Comprehension Activity

In the build-up to the festive season, learning about Spanish Christmas Traditions is a fun way to encourage interest amongst language students. Making language learning fun and relevant makes learning easier. Download our free printable Spanish Christmas Traditions...

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Kids in the Kitchen: What Skills Can They Learn?

Young children love to copy what other people are doing. They gain great pleasure out of helping their parents wash the car, tidy up or even put the shopping away. A positive way to put this curiosity to good use and satisfy their inquisitive minds is by teaching them a new language whilst performing theses activities.
Get your kids in the kitchen and they can bake cakes, make pasta or play with pastry dough while you feed their mind with new words.
By having fun getting messy in the kitchen, they won’t actually realise they are being taught a new language.

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Let’s Get Flipping! Arthur Apple’s Pancake Challenge

Ok, my little language-loving superheroes, let’s have some fun!

Let’s get Arthur Apple’s Pancake Challenge started …

I love making pancakes. Do you?

I have a simple and scrummy recipe to share with you. It’s really easy to follow.

This is one of the recipes in our Activity Cookbook that we are launching on Crowdfunder.

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5 Razones por las Cuales Nuestro Libro de Recetas Hace el Aprendizaje de Idiomas Divertido

En Cooking With Languages, nuestro objetivo es hacer que aprender idiomas sea divertido. Nuestra misión es animar a que más niños quieran aprender idiomas. Nuestro primer libro de recetas, diseñado para niños aprendiendo inglés y español, está lleno de actividades para aprender idiomas. Hay muchas razones por las cuales nuestro libro es genial y os ayudará, a ti y a los más pequeños, a aprender idiomas.

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5 Reasons Why Our Bilingual Cookbook Makes Language Learning Fun

At Cooking With Languages, our aim is to make language learning fun. Our mission is to encourage more children to want to learn languages. Our first activity cookbook, designed for children learning English and Spanish is jam packed full of fun language learning activities. There are many reasons why our book is great and why it will help you and your children to learn new languages.

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10 Easter Recipes from Around the World

Easter is coming and it is a great time to get the kids involved in the kitchen and make special treats for all the family. We have gathered 10 simple and scrummy Easter recipes from around the world for you and your children to cook together. from breads to cakes,...

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Boost Your Learning Ability: Foods That Feed Your Brain!

What are the Best Foods to Feed Your Brain?

If you’re hungry for knowledge, then you are constantly researching and reading to get the information you crave. But you can help feed that hunger by eating the right brain foods. We all know about foods we should or shouldn’t eat if we want to stay fit and healthy. But did you know there are also certain products which help to boost your brain power?

When studying a language, you’ll want to stay alert so the information sticks in your head and so you can concentrate better. There’s nothing worse than feeling that your grey matter is like a sieve where information goes in but falls straight out again. We want that information to stick so that you are quickly conversing on holiday or your new life abroad.

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Why Learning A Language Through Cooking Is A Recipe For Success

Cooking is very fashionable at the moment with millions glued to the television to watch shows like MasterChef, The Great British Bake Off and Hell’s Kitchen with the straight-talking Gordon Ramsay. Celebrity chefs are also making waves in the kitchen with the effervescent Jamie Oliver changing the way we view food and the lovable Hairy Bikers making great dishes with local produce. So it makes perfect sense to use this tremendous interest in food to help people learn a new language. They can do something they enjoy while learning new words in a fun and creative way.

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Fun Food Phrases Which Get Lost In Translation

Let’s have a look at some Fun Food Phrases from around the world!
From angels tiddling on your tongue to sliding on a prawn sandwich, food has played a starring role in sayings around the world. No celebration is complete without food, so let’s play tribute to the wonderful way our cuisine helps to shape our culture and literature.
From the Mad Hatter’s tea party in Alice in Wonderland to the romantic film “Chocolat”, food has stirred the emotions from comic moments to sheer horror .(Can anyone hear the words liver and Chianti in the same sentence without conjuring up images of Hannibal Lecter?).
So it’s no wonder that food also features heavily in phrases and sayings around the world. We’ve heard some strange ones in our time and we’ve picked our top 10.

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The New Kids On The Block: The Chopping Block!

Come And Meet The New Kids On The (Chopping) Block! Say “Hi” or “Hola” to Cooking with Languages, a clever new way to help children - and grown ups - learn a language in a fun way. Cooking with Languages is the brainchild of Lisa Sadleir who wanted to design an...

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Crowdfunder January Jumpstart 2017: Help Us Do For Languages What Jamie Has Done For Cooking!

Help Cooking with Languages give more children the gift of language by supporting us in the Crowdfunder January Jumpstart 2017

Well, 2017 is starting with a bang.

We are excited to share that we have been selected as 1 of just 100 start-ups for the Crowdfunder January Jumpstart. Our month-long crowdfunding push starts on Thursday 12 January and we hope to raise £5,000 towards publishing costs to give more children the gift of language.

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4 Skills Your Child Can Learn by Cooking

We live in an age of helicopter parenting. Long gone are the idyllic days where kids spent time playing outdoors with their friends until the street lights came on. This day in age, we keep busy with school, homework, and a whole load of extracurricular activities. We know that children have an amazing capacity for learning and we know that in a globalizing world, we must prepare our children to compete, so prepare them we do

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Non-Translatable Words and Language Learning

This is an extract from a book that I am currently writing. It is a book that I am really excited about.

With our Cooking With Languages family project, not only are we helping children to learn languages, we will also be encouraging to learn about growing their own food and cooking it too.

Today, I want to give you a gentle reminder that, when learning a language, you do not need to try to learn and translate everything you hear or read. Aim for general comprehension and the rest will follow over time.

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A Simple But Scrummy Way How To Cook Poached Eggs

Do You Know How To Cook Poached Eggs?
We love eggs! We are always looking for different simple but scrummy recipes to enjoy this food that is so full of goodness.
Today, we are going to share with you a really simple way to make scrummy poached eggs.

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English and Spanish Tongue Twisters: Download our Booklets

Let’s Have Some Language Learning Fun With English and Spanish Tongue Twisters …

Tongue twisters are a great way to improve and practise pronunciation when learning a foreign language.
They are also a good way of improving our communication skills as they help us cont

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