Fun, new language learning tools for children.

Our books and tools have been designed to enhance young people’s language-learning experience and can be used totally independently, (for pleasure), or as an educational complement to any method they are currently using.

Unlike many traditional language learning books that dwell on detailed, grammatical explanations and structured learning, Cooking with Languages encourages instant comprehension of language structures and reinforces learning through practice and activities.

Cooking with Languages is not looking to fit into any existing market niche. It has created its own. The current market is bursting with children’s language learning books and children’s cookbooks. Cooking with Languages is introducing language learning whilst cooking.

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Simple. Innovative. Fun.

Our mission is to encourage more children to embark on the wonderful path of language learning and help them to open new doors for their future.

The concept can easily be translated into most languages, making Cooking with Languages an ideal product for an emerging international market.

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Our website is in the developmental stage and we are currently developing interactive activities and apps for mobile devices.



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