Do You Know How To Cook Poached Eggs?

We love eggs! We are always looking for different simple but scrummy recipes to enjoy this food that is so full of goodness.

In our Bilingual Activity/Cookbook, we share a few egg recipes with you:

how to make poached eggs

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Today, we are going to share with you a really simple way to make scrummy poached eggs.

We have tried a few methods:

1. Using these Egg Poaching Moulds (available from most kitchen shops). You simply grease the moulds, add the eggs and put in boiling water. It is quite easy but we do not think the eggs are the best texture once cooked. (ie. they aren’t very delicate)

How To Cook Poached Eggs

Poached Egg Moulds

2. Adding vinegar to boiling water and stirring the eggs around, as seen on the Hairy Bikers series. This method can work but it is a lot trickier than it sounds!

So, Let Us Show You How To Cook Poached Eggs in a Simple but Scrummy Way … ie. À La Jamie Oliver

A Simple But Scrummy Way How To Cook Poached Eggs

Step One


Step One:

Lightly oil a strip of cling film and carefully line a small glass or cup.







A Simple But Scrummy Way How To Cook Poached Eggs

Step Two


Step Two:

Carefully break an egg into

the cling film lined glass






How To Cook Poached Eggs

Step Three



Step Three:

Form a bag with the cling film, ensuring there are no holes and then secure the top, using a bread tie or elastic band.





How To Cook Poached Eggs

Step Four



Step Four:

Cook the eggs in a saucepan of boiling water for approximately three minutes, until you see that all the egg white is solid. Remove from the water using a large spoon.




Step Five:

Snip open the cling film and serve your perfectly runny poached eggs with your favourite accompaniments. Eat and enjoy 🙂


So there you have it, our tried and tested, best way How To Cook Poached Eggs. Do you have any other Tips and Tricks to share?

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¡Hasta pronto amigos!

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