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Francesca Sadleir

Francesca Sadleir

Nerea Naranja

Francesca is a very talented young lady. Also bilingual, Francesca was born in Fuerteventura, in 2007. She lived in France for a short time and has been educated in both a bilingual nursery and Spanish state school in Spain.

Francesca loves to dance. Although more timid than her brother, she is a clever and strong-willed individual with a flair for learning. Her language ability is helping her Spanish classmates improve their English language skills.
Francesca is the voice of Nerea Naranja.

Lisa Sadleir (BA Hons, TESOL)

Lisa Sadleir (BA Hons, TESOL)


British born Lisa Sadleir is mother to two young, bilingual children, Joshua and Francesca. Educated in the UK and France, she has been a resident in Spain since 1991. She holds a 2.1 Hons degree in European Business Administration and is experienced in teaching English and Spanish as a foreign language, to students of all ages.
She is passionate about languages and has a sound understanding of the obstacles faced by foreign language learners. Lisa Speaks English, Spanish and French.

Joshua Sadleir

Joshua Sadleir

Arthur Apple

Joshua is a very smart and amazing bilingual child. Born in Fuerteventura in 2004, he has been educated in a bilingual nursery in the Canary islands, a French state school in France and local Spanish-speaking state school in Spain.

He loves football and watersports. He has a thirst for learning and is a keen traveller. His bilingual upbringing has given him a confidence that only languages and travel can give a child.
Joshua is the voice of Arthur Apple.

Introducing Noemi, our wonderful translation and research assistant …

Hi there!

My name is Noemí and I am 18 years old. I am from Barcelona, Spain and I am a Translation and Interpretation student at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I have always had an interest in languages and was interested in learning more about them as I think languages are not only used for communicating with other but they also are a very important part of the culture of the country. I went for Translation because it gave me the chance to learn a whole new language (I have chosen French) and because it would allow me to make from languages a profession which is perfect, because I love learning languages and the culture behind them. In the future, I would like to learn other languages such as German and Japanese.

As for my hobbies, I consider myself quite creative so since I was a child I have been interested in hobbies related to art such as music, drawing and painting but I have never been to classes for any of them as I like to figure it out on my own and learn at my own pace! My favourite has always been music and, even though I am not a professional, I always have lots of fun singing and playing guitar or piano. I also really enjoy reading and watching films!

 Hi! My name is Emery Priest (Priem) from Hungary, and I’m the illustrator of the Cooking with languages.

My whole life is about drawing and creating. Creativity means everything to me. I’ve published comic books in Hungary that I wrote and drew. (Rather Death, VaHaN and Deveraux) I’ve won the best online comic award with Rather Death.

For the last few years I´ve been working as a freelance illustrator – drawing children’s  and comic books, mobile apps, etc. – and I know you’re gonna enjoy the Cooking with languages project too! 🙂

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When asked about the Cooking with Languages concept, Lisa says…


“Language learning should be fun. Encourage children to communicate and express themselves, the grammatical study can come later.”


“When I originally came up with the idea behind Cooking with Languages, I was surprised to discover that the language and cooking concept, for children, had not already been explored further. There are plenty of actual language and cooking courses available in different countries but no learning nor activity books.”


“Cooking with Languages has been designed to encourage language learning through cooking activities, either in the child’s home or place of education. It is not a book to give a child and send them off to complete the activities. The books have been designed to encourage families to enjoy the activities together.The availability of the books in various languages means that children can be encouraged to taste more than one new language.”


“I am fortunate that my children are following in my footsteps and have a thirst for knowledge. Although I am pretty strict about homework and studying, I am always looking at fun ways to reinforce their learning. They have the wonderful advantage of growing up in a foreign country and so a second language is natural for them. However, reinforcement is still necessary. Our first Spanish English book, is designed to help other youngsters develop an interest in Spanish whilst also having fun in the kitchen.  We have a lot of other ideas in the pipeline.”


Designed to encourage young learners learn to speak like a native, our first app is an introduction to Arthur Apple, one of our language assistants.We are not focusing on simply vocabulary nor grammar points. Children can listen, read and repeat what they hear. The vocabulary used is simple and will allow children to quickly obtain phrases and expressions that are useful in their everyday lives.

Future apps will be designed around games and recipes.”


Lisa Sadleir



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