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Chocolate Truffles …



  • 300 g premium dark chocolate
  • 1 large glass of condensed milk
  • 1 measure of rum optional
  • Chocolate sprinkles to decorate


The steps …

  • Break the chocolate bar into pieces and melt it in a glass bowl, in a pan of boiling water.
  • Once the chocolate had melted completely, add the condensed milk.
  • Mix the condensed milk into the melted chocolate and then add your choice of alcoholic tipple.
  • The mixture is very runny but it hardens as it cools down. (You can leave the mixture overnight.)
  • The following day it is easy to roll into balls … without getting too messy! The kids will love this!
  • Use a teaspoon to measure the mixture and roll into small balls.
  • Cover in chocolate sprinkles.


Note: You can choose other coverings apart from the chocolate sprinkles For example… crushed flake hundreds and thousands desiccated coconut strawberry crystals